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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween!

It's been so hectic around here, but good. I'm going to try and make a cake something like this:

Not sure how it will come out, I am by no means a baker! Should be interesting LOL!

Meridian Road: Faux Enameled Tags

I love these and just made a BUNCH! They are not for those who want to 'rush'. But great for those who need a creative, meditative getaway!
Meridian Road: Faux Enameled Tags

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Its Graduation Day!

My oldest is Graduating from Nursing School this afternoon!!!
It's been a tough go on her at times, since she had to temporarily move away from family.
But SHE did IT!!!!!

She has followed in my footsteps and I could not be any more proud of her!

Nursing will now receive a dedicated young women, who is NOT pursuing just a 'Paycheck". She is dedicated to making a difference in those under her care. I am so very proud of her.

This day is extremely bittersweet however, as I am unable to attend the Ceremonies. My Physician will not clear me to travel the many hours needed to get there, due to the recent injury of my back. So I am heartbroken. I have never missed ANY event and now I must miss this Milestone. I'm blessed that her father will be doing the photographs.

Enjoy every minute of this Monumental Accomplishment today my darling daughter. I am with you in Loving Spirit.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pic's of the awkward corner, remember that thing?

Wow, we started out with what could possibly be considered "America's Most Frugly, Awkward Kitchen Corner Thingy". It was a hot mess! Filled to the brim with the previous owners "Stuff", and kitchen cabs/drawers that were just uh..wrong! ;)
Well, here is where we are NOW!

Oh yea, there is a TON of work with just this section left to do, but jeez Kurt is working is butt off on numerous projects here at the cottage in-between full-time "Real work" and trying to find time to sleep LOL! We have done this ALL by DIY! And for $85.00~!!.
Granted we still have the Appliances, that consist of 1 stove, 1 hood (no more frugly microwave thingy that is above the stove) 1 Fridge, Floor, Counter-top, Subway tiles (for the backsplash), Double Copper Farmhouse Sink, Copper Faucet with Spray all left to install. Yep it's a bunch but all are here, except for the sink which is on backorder and the stove/hood as well as the fridge (because I'm still waiting on the best deal LOL)....So I'm NOT counting them in as yet.
The $85.00 includes the Copper Drawer Pulls, Sherwin Williams Paint-Cabs are Pro Classic Satin, Ceiling is Pro-Classic Satin, Walls inside Kitchen are Pro-Classic Satin. The outside corner piece is Emerald Matte. The outside walls of the "Corner Piece" were Textured with a "Knock Down Method". All colours were custom mixed whites. Drywall, Drywall mud, Kilz Primer, Rust-oleum hammered Copper Paint (for the Hinges), and sandpaper along with wood glue (for fixing the drawers, and wood to repair parts of the 'headers' and 'door jams'. There are no doors, just openings but Kurt said we needed to tear out and replace some wood there.
So you see? ANYONE can re-invent on practically NO money, a horrifyingly disastrous, wouldn't wanna go there for ANY reason, kitchen, into something wonderful! No matter your age, or work schedule, or anything else for that matter!
Stay tuned for the updates! Next up will be the Subway Tile, which involves removing the 1950-60's Formica will be removed by who? KURT!  aka The Wonderman!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kitchen Cabs and drawers are done!

YAY!! Kurt has installed one set already and should have all of them done this weekend. I can't wait to share the pics with you! It is quite a HUGE difference!! All DIY, and VERY Frugal!! Please ck back for the "Reveal" this weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cottage Style vs the Trendy Mid-Century Style

My 2 cents worth.
Your style is your style, whatever that style may be; to each his/her own.
However, from a "Comfort" point of view? Mid-Century Sofa's, were angular, stiff and not comfortable to 'lounge' on or 'curl up' on, and neither were the chairs. (Yes I am that old, that I remember).
Cottage, on the other hand, epitomizes comfort. Sofa's are 'lounge' worthy, (practically begging to be lounged upon) and chairs are curl up friendly.
Give me "Cottage Comfort" any day, over a Trendy Mid-Century. Just my Non-Trendy View.

Garage Sale This Weekend at The Worst Yard on the Block!

Yep, we are having a Garage Sale. I would call it a Yard Sale, but we don't have a yard, we have a "Mess". The previous owners items will ALL be either sold, or given away. They have given the "Green Light". YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they will get the old Truck out of the driveway as well.
This Garage Sale is yet more work for us, they will not be helping. However we must have everything in the garage OUT, so we can move our things IN and organize it.
If I don't chicken out, I'll post some pics, of either the sale in progress or the stuff.
There is a Dealer here in town, that may be interested in the Mid-Century Bedroom Suite, so we'll see if that goes before Sat. If it doesn't, then someone is going to be a VERY happy camper, because I'm selling it for little to nothing. In fact everything is going to be priced dirt CHEAP, to get the stuff outta here. What doesn't sell, will be given away. Lot's of VERY vintage items and JUNK as well. Some of the JUNK I'd like to keep and re-purpose, but I just don't have the time for that with this reno right now.
The Vintage Collectibles that are glass, etc. I'm going to post on ebay. If they don't sell, then I'll keep them aside to put with my things for the next Garage Sale in a couple weeks. I have too many things I've collected over the years and nowhere to put them. Time for them to find new homes. I would have loved to combine my things and theirs, however the paperwork would be a nightmare.
Wish us LUCK, please!

Our yard looks terrible. It's now officially the Worst Yard on the Block.

Kurt cut down all of the YEARS of overgrowth, from the front and back yards. It is now in a pile in the front yard. We thought the County was going to pick it up. Well, nope! Not until July 20th or there-abouts. Sooo, the yard looks like complete doo doo. Dead lawn, piled up branches etc.
I'm making a sign: "UNDER RENOVATION" (with a Skull & Crossbone) and posting it in the front yard area.
And, to make matters worse? The previous owners STILL have not removed the old truck from the driveway. Good thing our neighbors know what we're doing and are VERY tolerant!
We are now the Official: "Worst Yard" on the block. The folks on the corner come in second.
I'm just too embarrassed to take a picture of it to post, at this stage. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So much to do!

Jeez, we've done so much but it sure doesn't seem like it! There are still TONS of boxes everywhere!! (except the bedroom hehee).
Pics to come, as soon as I figure out how to use my new camera LOL!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Boxes and Boxes and more Boxes!!!

I'm not posting a pic because, well quite frankly, it's a bloody mess. BOXES everywhere! With, pathways ;)

Ahhhh.....The joys of a whole house reno.......

Monday, May 20, 2013

Score! Ck out these ubber groovey Eastlake (era) Teardrop Pulls I just got!

I've been wanting some of these for a project here in our Reno. I say they are Eastlake (era), due to the fact the I've not received them as yet! But either way, they will be a FAB bonus!
If I don't use them in our Reno, be sure I'll be using them in a project or 2+
Price: $53.00
Source: Ebay *listed as Eastlake* (we'll see, when they get here)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Surviving a 1956 whole house DIY reno, on a VERY TIGHT shoestring budget

Here's what we've learned so far:

1.  We are certifiably insane, but many of our *MY* friends, already knew and know this
2.  Ask for help, when truly needed, it will always be given, usually for free, however bartering is worth it's weight in Gold
3.  Keep the communication flowing, not the dishes flying
4.  Multi-Task Projects, as many as possible
5.  Set up "Zones".
     A. First Zone? A pathway through the chaos, helps to prevent 'accidents' in the dark, that could put you out of commission for who knows how long. And downtime is NOT an option. :)
     B. Second Zone? A place to prep and eat. It's OK to cook in 1 pan and eat out of it! Pretend like you're on a Reality Roughing It Camping Show!
     C. Third Zone? The bedroom. Just say NO to boxes etc. in there...For NOW. This little space is your link to each other and staying sane.
6.  Take a LOT of Before, During, & After Pictures. Then look at them often. It's surprising just how far & how fast things progress. Totally an adrenaline rush to keep pushing on!
7.  Never let anyone over to "SEE" how you're doing. For one thing, they may get injured, for another.....well let's just say, they can wait to see the Before, During and After Pictures and THEN come over for the Final Reveal. Meet them at their house instead!
8.  When things go wrong, and they will! Just sit down, laugh it off and get back on that Pony!
9.  Put the Credit Cards in the Safety Deposit Box, or in some water and freeze those bad boys.  You'll learn to become an extremely thrifty shopper and think outside of the box.
10. If you have a resale #/Tax ID, USE IT! It will save you TONS of $$
11. Check your homeowners insurance policy and make sure you have enough liability. Just in case you have "help". The last thing you want is to get sued by someone who is "helping" you.
Try to stay positive, no matter what anyone tells you on anything you're doing. Some folks are just Negative Passive Aggressive People and Naysayers. But? They could be in therapy and 'working on it' and after all, they are your friends and noone is perfect. So just roll with it!
OH, and try not to drink too much. It really cuts into the Production Workday *-)

Right Margins are off?

Well I have no idea WHY they are so off, so if anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

South 47th: I'm thinking of Copper

South 47th: I'm thinking of Copper

I'm thinking of Copper

I found my decades old super stash of Copper eclectic goodies of which I attempted to photograph and my camera died. BUT! It got me thinking about our kitchen.... Do I REALLY want Stainless Steel (again)?
Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel...Blah, Blah, Blah.  OVERDONE. For ME. Everyone else still loves it, but I want a new look!!

Copper. Ohhh the Patina, the Antimicrobial factor, the forgotten Metal. Yep, that's the one for me!
But hot damn it's pricey!!

So I've been sourcing like a madwomen and I've found some winners that are now at our cottage.

Noooo they aren't installed yet, but they're HERE!

Here is the Copper Double Bowl Sink:

OK, well THAT isn't here.....YET! But it WILL BE!

Here is the faucet:
That IS here and it's FAB!  It swings to both sides of the sink and I love the white porcelain diddy on the handle.

Here is the Cabinet Hardware that will going on White Cabs: (Yep it's here too)

Here is the floor tile that will be placed in the middle of the kitchen floor to mimic a rug. The surrounding floor area will be white painted subfloor with a Marine Urethane finish, you know, the kind used for boats, Lord knows I'll need that!:

The Countertops are being painted white and finished with a eco friendly frugal Gloss Poly, OR the same Marine Finish as the floors, if we have enough.

The backsplash is the regular ole' White Gloss Subway Tiles

The ceiling I was thinking of doing in those foam Copper tiles: (Teeny pic but didn't enlarge worth a hoot)

But thought that I was getting just a wee bit Copper Crazy, so those aren't going up. Especially after Kurt has painted the kitchen and every main wall. I just thought it was a waste and would be overdone. So I have the samples and I'm meditating, thinking creatively on just what to do with them.

So I pondered, and pondered on just WTH to DO with that kitchen ceiling with the weird placed light and the Alien heat/air round thingy. Here is what I came up with:
Yep it's a shiny one, compared to everything else, but I wanted some BLING to detract from the Alien heat/air round thingy and to distract the eye away from the oh so weird ceiling light.
And NO we can't afford to move the wiring. THAT? is a whole 'nother story~! 
So now all of my Copper Pots & Pans (which btw are from my newly found forgotten stash) can hang down in all their new glory!

The Appliances, of which there are only 2, Stove and Fridge, are white.

So, what do you think of my Copper Crazed Kitchen?

Think I'll be able to still maintain the "Cottage Look"????

Or have I fallen off the recognizable Grid? ;)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Paint is Up!

YaY!  Paint is up on the main walls, FINALLY!  Now the trim will be tackled, crown molding and baseboards will follow. 
The paint colour is Snowbound by Sherwin Williams, ceiling is in Ceiling White non tinted, by Sherwin Williams.  The trim will be Moon Rise by Sherwin Williams. I chose these colours because the room lacks natural light and this brightens it up.
All paint is Sherwin Williams Emerald brand which is low on VOC and also has an odor eater built in, which is cool. I've gotta say, the coverage and pigmentation is superb! 
We saved a TON of cash by buying all paint needed, as well as primer when Sherwin Williams had the 40% off sale. The regular price per gallon was $60 bucks, so we got the top of the line paint at a FAB savings.
Here are some pic's!
I'll keep updating as the crown molding and baseboards go up!

We also have taken down all of the kitchen cabs and Kurt is almost finished sanding them Whooooo!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

YaY Primer is going up on the Main Walls!

Yep!  We are FINALLY putting the Primer up!  We decided to not strip the wall-paper, OR sand the black glue.
Why?  Well, it was taking just too freakin' long!
Good thing is, the technique Kurt is using will match the hallway texture, so everything will at long last be uniformed.
Another good thing? The 40% off Sale at Sherwin Williams! We chose "Snowbound Matte". I'll show the Painted "Wall Reveal" right after it's done!

Here is a Picture of Kurt hard at work ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Re-Upholster a Chair!

Well we are stuck with the 'Weird Triangular Thingy". So, while Kurt hangs the drywall and preps all the main walls for paint, FINALLY (YaY!!), I thought I'd share a DIY or three LOL!

This one is How to Re-Upholster, by The Little Green Notebook

I've gotta tell you, I have re-upholstered a chair or two and other than the really easy one's, they have always caused a mild panic.
 Never fear!  This tut is one of THE best I've come across and is now my "Go To". Hope you find this DIY as helpful as I do!
CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL  How to Re-Upholster a Chair. A Step by Step Guide that really IS easy!

Thank you to Karen @ The Graphics Fairy!

I've had so many wonderful comments on my blog background!  It was created by Karen @ The Graphics Fairy!  I included a link before, however now I've put one on the page permanently, so you can get on over to her FAB site easy peasy!  She is wonderful and has so many great tuts, totally FREE!
So please stop on by and tell her Peggy @ South 47th sent ya!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Uh Oh!

Yep we are at a halt in demo of the "Weird Triangular Thingy".
Kurt took the drywall down and we found this
Now we are trying to figure out if this is 'Load Bearing', or not.  So......until we get that question answered we are stuck. 
We wanted to demo this thing before painting the interior main walls of the house.  Now we are thinking we should just plunge ahead and paint. I'm feeling a little bummed out right now.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Better LATE than NEVER!

Whew!  Back injuries are NO joke!  I wanted to post this, what, like a week or so ago?  Oh well, better late than never!

Getting RID of the horrible Popcorn Ceilings is EASY and FAST!  Kurt did the removal of the popcorn ceilings in 1 day.

You'll need 3 tools:

1.   A trowel
2.  A spray bottle, filled with water
3.  A ladder

1.  Gather your supplies: Sorry I forgot to click a pic of the Ladder

2. Hop up on the Ladder and Spray the horrible Popcorn Ceiling with water.  Let it soak in for a few minutes.

3. After letting the water soak in to the HORRIBLE Popcorn, take your Trowel and begin to hand scrape it away.

4. Here is the Fruit of your labour!

5.  OK, now to CLEAN the Frugly Away!

6. Sucking the Frugly Popcorn Up Up and Away!!

Enjoy the fruit of your labour!  Doesn't it look a whole lot better?

And it doesn't take long, nor cost hardly anything!  Gotta LOVE Sweat Equity!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm back from a back injury!

Well I tripped and severely injured my lower back, so I've been in and out of the Dr's Office, sent for tests, in Physical Therapy and on drugs.  BUT!  Kurt has been humming along with the reno!  The popcorn Ceiling is G O N E! Pics will be posted a wee bit later today after I return from Physical Therapy.  OH, and here is our new "Welcome Sign" on the front door:
We thought it only 'Fair' to give notice to our friends, and being the GREAT hosts that we are, we provide the Safety Gear!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well.....We are faced with THIS monstrosity.  It's the 'Original Ceiling Heater".  (and the original ceiling in the kitchen).  There is one in every single room. YUK!  Anyone know how we can get rid of this for practically NO cost?  Or are we doomed to 'paint' it, and hope noone notices the Atomic aspect????  UGHHHH

Monday, February 11, 2013


Kurt is moving at warp speed!  Here is the fireplace before the paneling behind it was taken down, and before the "Mantle" was taken down ^

And here it is after the "Mantle" and paneling were taken down just now:
The "Mantle" was a facade emulating the Craftsman Period.  We are on the hunt for a REAL Mantle this weekend.  Hitting the Fleas and checking with a friend of mine in the Foothills who owns an Antique Store.  *Fingers Crossed*

Paneling is almost down!

Well the paneling is coming down fast and easy!  And now we will have to deal with this 1950's Botanical Grasscloth Wallper in the dining room area.  Good thing Kurt has a tool for taking this down.
And this is under the Living room paneling: Easy peasy fix to get ready for paint!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is my "Inspiration Board" for the bedroom.  I'm going to see how close I can come to re-producing this look on very, very little money ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

YES!!!  All of the previous owners things are out in the back room!  Now the fun really begins!  The rest of the living room/dining room carpet comes up tomorrow (along with pulling out the dreaded 'staples' in the oak hardwood.  Next? Well, I thought it would be the demo of the weird triangular thing, however it's gonna be taking down the paneling.  Yep, that's GOT to go! Then the painting of the living room, hall and ceiling beadboard begins. 
This will be the colour:
The upper walls will be this: ^
We picked those paint pots as well tomorrow to test.

We needed something to lighten up the space, since it is small and narrow, yet wanted a weee bit of contrast.  We'll see how it goes!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Well, yep I'm addicted to it and other one's as well. I've gotta say, some of those rooms just are NOT practical for "Real Living".  They style great tho'!  Here is : My Pinterest Link  .  Now I'm off to sleep for a wee bit!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here is a better idea of how hideous this triangle thing is.  I can't WAIT to demo the whole thing!  All the previous owners furniture and stuff is being moved out to that back room for pick up, when the sons are ready.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Here is the Weird Kitchen Triangle "Thingy" that will meet the sledge hammer!!!!!  Gotta remind ya these are NOT our furnishings, tho' I DO like the brackets holding up the Formica counter, think we'll re-purpose those! Everything else here will be gone.


We're thinking maybe we should re-think, and just get a bunch of these containers and start welding!

Working on it!

Yep we are TRYING to work on it and around it and over it and........still work fulltime.  Will we LIVE?
OH, and none of the stuff here is ours btw.  We are just moving things out to the back room for the previous owners, to pick up when they are ready.
How about that awkward Triangle thingy behind the couch?  Yep that's going to see the sledge-hammer!


As I sit here and look at all of this, er stuff that still remains in our new (old) little cottage.  I wonder what we have gotten ourselves into?  However I know that these 'things' will be removed, in due time by the previous owners son, and then all will be back on track for the reno

Friday, January 25, 2013

Font is Funky

I have no clue as to why the font changes from post to post?  Sorry for that, I'll try to look into it in my , er.....Non Existent "Spare Time".
Wow, things are changing pretty fast here. Just got word that we are now moving next week! Full Speed Ahead on this roller coaster ride!


Hello to all!

A little bit about who we are and what this blog is about.

This blog will tell the journey of restoration and renovation of a 1956 home, in an area that is currently undergoing revitalization.  And we are doing this on a practically non existent budget.  It is amazing what you can do, when you set your mind to it.

Who are these crazy people?

My name is Peggy I'm 55 soon to be 56 and my new life partner is Kurt who is 61. We have had to start our lives anew, literally.
We both have, in the last 3 years suffered great loss both personal and financial.  Many of you have as well perhaps. 
Kurt and I met online, chatted for a good while, then decided we would meet in person at a nearby Coffee house.  After 4 weeks Kurt moved in with me, in the condo I was renting.  Neither of us were used to renting and had a dream of one day owning another home to call our own.
However, our credit was (dare I say) horrible!
Our credit issues were due to credit card debt, no foreclosures thank goodness, but still a nightmare as far as securing a Real Estate Loan.
As the stars would have it, a close friend of Kurt's was in the unfortunate position of needing to place his father (a widower) into a "Care Facility".  This meant the house that had been in that family for 50 years would sit vacant, as the real estate market was (is) stagnant.  We met with the family and offered to purchase the home (by owner) and the offer was accepted. We had mixed feelings, knowing that the 'father' was going into the care facility, yet we would now be homeowners once again.
What to do?
We decided that the it would be wonderful if the father and the rest of the family could come to visit anytime they would like.
Thus the love story of "South 47th" begins.

The Countdown is ON!

OK well we are just about all packed up and ready to head over to the New *Old* place.
I'll be posting a pic of the house, as it stands now, before we touch it, tomorrow.  YIKES!

Stay tuned, the house has not been touched since it was built back in 1956.  One year BEFORE I was born!

We have our work cut out for us, but we are so grateful for this opportunity to bring love back to:

South 47th!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So Much to DO!

Whew, so much to do, when working full-time!  It would help if I could remove myself from the comp when I get home from work, however I'm madly focused on sourcing.  So off I go into never never land again!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just got word that we will be moving at the end of the month!  A little sooner than we expected, so we are packing like mad.  And I still have a ton of "things" at my ex's that need to be retrieved.  So we'll have to work that one into the moving plan as well.  

Normally I hate packing, but this time I am digging it.  It might be because Kurt is doing most of it!

I'll be posting lots of pix of the house in it's "Before", "During" and "After" stage(s).  Along with tips, tricks and sources of where I score major purchases.  Since we will be doing everything on a teeny tiny, almost non-existent budget, each item we buy, must be sourced down to the least expensive end price.  We don't want cheap crap, we just want to spend as little as possible.

We would love to go "Green" with this reno, however I have YET to find any "Green" items we will need, that fit our budget.  I'm still hopeful though!

Oh, btw I must give credit to the "Graphics Fairy" for this fab background!  Here is a link to her wonderful site! The Graphics Fairy