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Friday, January 25, 2013

Font is Funky

I have no clue as to why the font changes from post to post?  Sorry for that, I'll try to look into it in my , er.....Non Existent "Spare Time".
Wow, things are changing pretty fast here. Just got word that we are now moving next week! Full Speed Ahead on this roller coaster ride!


Hello to all!

A little bit about who we are and what this blog is about.

This blog will tell the journey of restoration and renovation of a 1956 home, in an area that is currently undergoing revitalization.  And we are doing this on a practically non existent budget.  It is amazing what you can do, when you set your mind to it.

Who are these crazy people?

My name is Peggy I'm 55 soon to be 56 and my new life partner is Kurt who is 61. We have had to start our lives anew, literally.
We both have, in the last 3 years suffered great loss both personal and financial.  Many of you have as well perhaps. 
Kurt and I met online, chatted for a good while, then decided we would meet in person at a nearby Coffee house.  After 4 weeks Kurt moved in with me, in the condo I was renting.  Neither of us were used to renting and had a dream of one day owning another home to call our own.
However, our credit was (dare I say) horrible!
Our credit issues were due to credit card debt, no foreclosures thank goodness, but still a nightmare as far as securing a Real Estate Loan.
As the stars would have it, a close friend of Kurt's was in the unfortunate position of needing to place his father (a widower) into a "Care Facility".  This meant the house that had been in that family for 50 years would sit vacant, as the real estate market was (is) stagnant.  We met with the family and offered to purchase the home (by owner) and the offer was accepted. We had mixed feelings, knowing that the 'father' was going into the care facility, yet we would now be homeowners once again.
What to do?
We decided that the it would be wonderful if the father and the rest of the family could come to visit anytime they would like.
Thus the love story of "South 47th" begins.

The Countdown is ON!

OK well we are just about all packed up and ready to head over to the New *Old* place.
I'll be posting a pic of the house, as it stands now, before we touch it, tomorrow.  YIKES!

Stay tuned, the house has not been touched since it was built back in 1956.  One year BEFORE I was born!

We have our work cut out for us, but we are so grateful for this opportunity to bring love back to:

South 47th!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So Much to DO!

Whew, so much to do, when working full-time!  It would help if I could remove myself from the comp when I get home from work, however I'm madly focused on sourcing.  So off I go into never never land again!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just got word that we will be moving at the end of the month!  A little sooner than we expected, so we are packing like mad.  And I still have a ton of "things" at my ex's that need to be retrieved.  So we'll have to work that one into the moving plan as well.  

Normally I hate packing, but this time I am digging it.  It might be because Kurt is doing most of it!

I'll be posting lots of pix of the house in it's "Before", "During" and "After" stage(s).  Along with tips, tricks and sources of where I score major purchases.  Since we will be doing everything on a teeny tiny, almost non-existent budget, each item we buy, must be sourced down to the least expensive end price.  We don't want cheap crap, we just want to spend as little as possible.

We would love to go "Green" with this reno, however I have YET to find any "Green" items we will need, that fit our budget.  I'm still hopeful though!

Oh, btw I must give credit to the "Graphics Fairy" for this fab background!  Here is a link to her wonderful site! The Graphics Fairy