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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cottage Style vs the Trendy Mid-Century Style

My 2 cents worth.
Your style is your style, whatever that style may be; to each his/her own.
However, from a "Comfort" point of view? Mid-Century Sofa's, were angular, stiff and not comfortable to 'lounge' on or 'curl up' on, and neither were the chairs. (Yes I am that old, that I remember).
Cottage, on the other hand, epitomizes comfort. Sofa's are 'lounge' worthy, (practically begging to be lounged upon) and chairs are curl up friendly.
Give me "Cottage Comfort" any day, over a Trendy Mid-Century. Just my Non-Trendy View.

Garage Sale This Weekend at The Worst Yard on the Block!

Yep, we are having a Garage Sale. I would call it a Yard Sale, but we don't have a yard, we have a "Mess". The previous owners items will ALL be either sold, or given away. They have given the "Green Light". YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they will get the old Truck out of the driveway as well.
This Garage Sale is yet more work for us, they will not be helping. However we must have everything in the garage OUT, so we can move our things IN and organize it.
If I don't chicken out, I'll post some pics, of either the sale in progress or the stuff.
There is a Dealer here in town, that may be interested in the Mid-Century Bedroom Suite, so we'll see if that goes before Sat. If it doesn't, then someone is going to be a VERY happy camper, because I'm selling it for little to nothing. In fact everything is going to be priced dirt CHEAP, to get the stuff outta here. What doesn't sell, will be given away. Lot's of VERY vintage items and JUNK as well. Some of the JUNK I'd like to keep and re-purpose, but I just don't have the time for that with this reno right now.
The Vintage Collectibles that are glass, etc. I'm going to post on ebay. If they don't sell, then I'll keep them aside to put with my things for the next Garage Sale in a couple weeks. I have too many things I've collected over the years and nowhere to put them. Time for them to find new homes. I would have loved to combine my things and theirs, however the paperwork would be a nightmare.
Wish us LUCK, please!

Our yard looks terrible. It's now officially the Worst Yard on the Block.

Kurt cut down all of the YEARS of overgrowth, from the front and back yards. It is now in a pile in the front yard. We thought the County was going to pick it up. Well, nope! Not until July 20th or there-abouts. Sooo, the yard looks like complete doo doo. Dead lawn, piled up branches etc.
I'm making a sign: "UNDER RENOVATION" (with a Skull & Crossbone) and posting it in the front yard area.
And, to make matters worse? The previous owners STILL have not removed the old truck from the driveway. Good thing our neighbors know what we're doing and are VERY tolerant!
We are now the Official: "Worst Yard" on the block. The folks on the corner come in second.
I'm just too embarrassed to take a picture of it to post, at this stage. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So much to do!

Jeez, we've done so much but it sure doesn't seem like it! There are still TONS of boxes everywhere!! (except the bedroom hehee).
Pics to come, as soon as I figure out how to use my new camera LOL!