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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm thinking of Copper

I found my decades old super stash of Copper eclectic goodies of which I attempted to photograph and my camera died. BUT! It got me thinking about our kitchen.... Do I REALLY want Stainless Steel (again)?
Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel...Blah, Blah, Blah.  OVERDONE. For ME. Everyone else still loves it, but I want a new look!!

Copper. Ohhh the Patina, the Antimicrobial factor, the forgotten Metal. Yep, that's the one for me!
But hot damn it's pricey!!

So I've been sourcing like a madwomen and I've found some winners that are now at our cottage.

Noooo they aren't installed yet, but they're HERE!

Here is the Copper Double Bowl Sink:

OK, well THAT isn't here.....YET! But it WILL BE!

Here is the faucet:
That IS here and it's FAB!  It swings to both sides of the sink and I love the white porcelain diddy on the handle.

Here is the Cabinet Hardware that will going on White Cabs: (Yep it's here too)

Here is the floor tile that will be placed in the middle of the kitchen floor to mimic a rug. The surrounding floor area will be white painted subfloor with a Marine Urethane finish, you know, the kind used for boats, Lord knows I'll need that!:

The Countertops are being painted white and finished with a eco friendly frugal Gloss Poly, OR the same Marine Finish as the floors, if we have enough.

The backsplash is the regular ole' White Gloss Subway Tiles

The ceiling I was thinking of doing in those foam Copper tiles: (Teeny pic but didn't enlarge worth a hoot)

But thought that I was getting just a wee bit Copper Crazy, so those aren't going up. Especially after Kurt has painted the kitchen and every main wall. I just thought it was a waste and would be overdone. So I have the samples and I'm meditating, thinking creatively on just what to do with them.

So I pondered, and pondered on just WTH to DO with that kitchen ceiling with the weird placed light and the Alien heat/air round thingy. Here is what I came up with:
Yep it's a shiny one, compared to everything else, but I wanted some BLING to detract from the Alien heat/air round thingy and to distract the eye away from the oh so weird ceiling light.
And NO we can't afford to move the wiring. THAT? is a whole 'nother story~! 
So now all of my Copper Pots & Pans (which btw are from my newly found forgotten stash) can hang down in all their new glory!

The Appliances, of which there are only 2, Stove and Fridge, are white.

So, what do you think of my Copper Crazed Kitchen?

Think I'll be able to still maintain the "Cottage Look"????

Or have I fallen off the recognizable Grid? ;)


  1. I personally love the warmth of copper! I think it can make for a gorgeous kitchen if done right! I look forward to seeing how to make it happen :-)

  2. Sounds cozy. Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to a trend as in the stainless steel. I finally accepted it and had it when my hubby and I got married, as he already had it in his house. Hated it. What a pain to keep up. Get so tired of HGTV shows stating if you want to sell, you must have SS appliances. Please! Not everybody loves them. I now have white and am very happy. Love copper and I think it will be beautiful and not so cookie cutter.