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Monday, July 22, 2013

Pic's of the awkward corner, remember that thing?

Wow, we started out with what could possibly be considered "America's Most Frugly, Awkward Kitchen Corner Thingy". It was a hot mess! Filled to the brim with the previous owners "Stuff", and kitchen cabs/drawers that were just uh..wrong! ;)
Well, here is where we are NOW!

Oh yea, there is a TON of work with just this section left to do, but jeez Kurt is working is butt off on numerous projects here at the cottage in-between full-time "Real work" and trying to find time to sleep LOL! We have done this ALL by DIY! And for $85.00~!!.
Granted we still have the Appliances, that consist of 1 stove, 1 hood (no more frugly microwave thingy that is above the stove) 1 Fridge, Floor, Counter-top, Subway tiles (for the backsplash), Double Copper Farmhouse Sink, Copper Faucet with Spray all left to install. Yep it's a bunch but all are here, except for the sink which is on backorder and the stove/hood as well as the fridge (because I'm still waiting on the best deal LOL)....So I'm NOT counting them in as yet.
The $85.00 includes the Copper Drawer Pulls, Sherwin Williams Paint-Cabs are Pro Classic Satin, Ceiling is Pro-Classic Satin, Walls inside Kitchen are Pro-Classic Satin. The outside corner piece is Emerald Matte. The outside walls of the "Corner Piece" were Textured with a "Knock Down Method". All colours were custom mixed whites. Drywall, Drywall mud, Kilz Primer, Rust-oleum hammered Copper Paint (for the Hinges), and sandpaper along with wood glue (for fixing the drawers, and wood to repair parts of the 'headers' and 'door jams'. There are no doors, just openings but Kurt said we needed to tear out and replace some wood there.
So you see? ANYONE can re-invent on practically NO money, a horrifyingly disastrous, wouldn't wanna go there for ANY reason, kitchen, into something wonderful! No matter your age, or work schedule, or anything else for that matter!
Stay tuned for the updates! Next up will be the Subway Tile, which involves removing the 1950-60's Formica will be removed by who? KURT!  aka The Wonderman!!


  1. From Chicago mama
    WOW!!! That is BEAUTIFUL!!! What's next?
    You will be able to make some $$$$ with that home