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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our yard looks terrible. It's now officially the Worst Yard on the Block.

Kurt cut down all of the YEARS of overgrowth, from the front and back yards. It is now in a pile in the front yard. We thought the County was going to pick it up. Well, nope! Not until July 20th or there-abouts. Sooo, the yard looks like complete doo doo. Dead lawn, piled up branches etc.
I'm making a sign: "UNDER RENOVATION" (with a Skull & Crossbone) and posting it in the front yard area.
And, to make matters worse? The previous owners STILL have not removed the old truck from the driveway. Good thing our neighbors know what we're doing and are VERY tolerant!
We are now the Official: "Worst Yard" on the block. The folks on the corner come in second.
I'm just too embarrassed to take a picture of it to post, at this stage. 

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  1. Our front yard was absolutely horrible when we moved in, too...and it took us quite a while to make it better. No worries! Do the work, enjoy the process and chat up your neighbors about your plans whenever possible...you'll gain their buy in and their compassion as you go ;-)